desperately hoping (calihapa) wrote in 0_ana_only_0,
desperately hoping

long time

hi everyone,
i haven't written in this community for months. i was living in tokyo for about two years where i lost a lot of weight thanks in part to this forum. i don't know if blackbirdfalls still reads this, but she was one person who motivated me to lose. since i stopped using this forum, i have moved back to the states and gained weight again. my low was about 103 lbs. and now i am back up to 110lbs. i know these 7 pounds don't seem much to a regular person, but i am sure you girls understand how much 7 lbs. make. and i'm also sure that you girls understand how hard it is to lose 7bls and keep it off. i'm only 5'4", so on my body frame the 7 lbs not only makes a difference, but is truly hard to keep off. i drink water and fast, and then i eat something and i feel like it all comes back.

i'm back in school again, which i thought would help my eating, but it hasn't. i sit and study all day, which is quite lonely, so i find myself nibbling while i study to entertain myself. i tried gum, water, coffee, diet soda, you name it, but it's not working this time around. so i thought i would see if anyone still uses this community and wanted a buddy to help motivate them. this forum used to be amazing, and i hope whoever used to use this is still around. xoxo.
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